Monday, 25 September 2017

Maori art


Maori art recount

Last week at school room 15 designed Maori art around the native NZ bush. First we got a pencil and designed our beautiful Maori art. Secondly we 

Chosed some dark and light green - blues - browns pasters to colour in our art lastly we stuck our amazing Maori art on a large piece of  black paper and 

And put some green glitter on our art. Next I wrote a Maori legend about mere and her taniwha. Finally I animated my terrific Maori legend.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mere and her taniwha

Once upon a time there was a girl called Mere  and she had a taniwha and they lived in an beautiful flax bush. There was some beautiful flowers and some

Tall kauri trees close by. One late afternoon mere and her taniwha were playing hide and go seek mere was counting first and her taniwha hiding.

Suddenly mere heard her taniwha screaming Mere  tryed and tryed but she couldn't find her. All of a sudden Mere saw a giant weta attaching her taniwha.

After that Mere started praying to the God of the forest the God of the forest said" yes I will help you find your taniwha. Tane called out through The 

Bush asking all the animals to help find Mere's taniwha. A pukelco found Meres taniwha but Mere had found out that her taniwha had destroyed the 

Weta's home. Mere told her taniwha to say sorry so her taniwha did and the weta said" sorry too. Finally Mere and her taniwha walked back home and

Told their mum and dad all about their adventure the end.