Thursday, 12 July 2018

Under The Sea Narrative

Once upon a time there live a fabulous mermaid  she lived in the colurful coral reef. One day the fabulous mermaid met an evil shark .the Shark caught the mermaid in a trap near a boat she always went to. The mermaid got stuck in the shark trap! The shark said  ha,, ha now l,Ve got you the turtle heard the mermaid screaming and saeved her.

nutella paragraphs

My Mihi

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Matariki story

In a beautiful valley there lived seven sisters. Every year the seven sister make kite to celebrate the harvest . The first sister made a kite out of flaxs. And the second sister made a orange kite out of raupo bush the third sister made her kite out of manuka tree.The fourth sister made a red kite and it was made out of puriri tree. Fifth sister made her kite out of the colour of the blue river. Sixth sister made a white kite out of toetoe bush. The seventh sister the smallest sister made a colourful kite, her name was Matariki. The seven sisters went up the hill to fly their kites. When they went up there was no wind for the sisters to fly their kites. So the sister went to the puriri tree and they slept under it. During the night the wind blow the kites away the smallest sister woke up and started crying and all of her sisters woke. up one sister said where are our kites. Finally they found the kites up in the sky the sister were so happy because their kites were in the sky. Every morning mataariki rose from the morning sky signalling the start of the new year the end